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Carnivorous Plants and Devouring our Dreams
April 15, 2009, 2:59 pm
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Carnivorous Plants and Devouring our Dreams

Carnivorous Plants and Devouring our Dreams

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The longer I walk the symbolic path, the more it becomes evident that everything is up for interpretive grabs, including, of all things, carnivorous plants.

When I’m impressed with something consistently, more than once, I know there’s prized meaning in my midst.

These special carnivores came thrice, each appearance serving as a new layer of awareness.

First in dreams (prime awareness), next in meditation (observing awareness), and lastly, I saw a pitcher plant in an ancillary exhibit whilst visiting the museum last week (physical awareness).  See the gradual surfacing of presence in multi-layers of consciousness?  Cool, yes?

 So where does the symbolism come in?

At first, I reasoned I was the fly because I’d been entertaining some really base thoughts lately (small, pesky, primitive, consumptive). 

The first of the year had me “all a-buzz” over some grandiose propositions.  Since then, my mind was as askew as the flight pattern of the fly,  zipping in and out of possibilities (often leading to a complete lack of focus).

It turns out, those propositions were all smoke & mirrors. All illusion.  All hype. 

So, symbolically I had succumbed to the sticky sweet siren call of the carnivorous pheromones. I got lured in by an illusion. Lulled into the bowels of the digestive juices of the pitcher plant.

I got consumed by the bile of a dream that was not what it seemed.

Pretty depressing.

However, the concepts of “dreams” and “illusions” kept knocking on my psyche’s door.  Closer inspection revealed there were never any flies or insects in my dream, meditation or physical experience.  Why should I add insect symbolism to the symbolic message if they had not even been presented?

So, I dove back in. Into the intoxicating wiles of the carnivorous plant realm for more meaning.

Epiphany: The plant is the dream.

Consider.  Carnivorous (as all) plants are closely aligned with water; the element  of dreams, imagination and emotion.   Carnivorous plants are masters of wild, dreamy presentation. Their entire design is built on exotic foundation.  Otherworldly.  Extraterrestrial, almost.

Fodder for the dreaming mind.

These plants typically catch their snacks (insects, primarily) by emitting wooing scents, shimmery bling, and psychedelic charm. They are irresistible.

The call of our dreams is irresistible too.  You know what I mean.  We all have a dream.  It beguiles us. Calls to us. Charms us.  The call of our dreams is as irresistible as the narcotic-like trappings of the carnivorous plants.

But, like these plants, our dreams can be wicked in their demands.  It’s not enough to be lured in by the dream.  The dream needs to be fed

And our dreams will not tolerate fluff for consumption.  No way.  Like the pitcher plant, our dreams need meaty sustenance.  Real food.  Protein.  The stuff that builds hearty growth and strudy foundations. 

If not fed properly, our dreams can consume us.  Indeed, some carnivorous plants ingest themselves. Self-cannibalization. Tasty. 

I find it curious I keep honing in on a specific carnivorous plant, the pitcher plant – who is also known as the “pitfall plant.”

And that leads me to some parting symbolic impressions about carnivorous plants:

  • Avoid “pitfalls” by identifying the dream,
  • nurture it,
  • feed your dream REAL food,
  • and let the dream charm your socks off
  • (just don’t be cannibalized by it).

Wikipedia has a nice article on carnivorous plants (here) if you’re interested.

Photo by Blmurch on Flickr, viewable here.

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Post script: For you vegans & vegetarians, I’m not implying meat is “real food” – it’s just an expression for creative purpose. :-)

Dream Birds
April 2, 2009, 11:14 am
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A brief video discussing birds in dreams and potential meanings.  More information on this subject provided in the link below.

More bird dream symbolism can be found here.

Chakra Colors. A Palette of Meanings
March 30, 2009, 5:11 pm
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In my neck of the woods, the earth is in her springtime transition – pulling away from winter and building momentum into the urging new life warmth promises.

It’s a great time to talk about the subject of color meanings ,  because it’s all about transition. Plus, spring is a time when color returns to our sight in special ways. Consequently, it can be a phenomenal time for spiritual growth and understanding.

When I experience in colors, I use the chakras as a meaningful template for deeper understanding.

Just as colors share energy in order to complete their value, so too do the chakras. Each chakra is unique, but never separate. Each lends value to the other.

When we look at the spectrum of colors, it’s easy to see how the colors progress, and deliciously morph into each other. All the colors dance in and out of each other to create new colors, new depths, and new meanings.

For example, blue could never be blue if it had never held hands with yellow, or green. It’s all a dance in which all the colorful dance partners share the beat of life.

And it’s the subject of value that’s prompted me to write this page on chakra color meanings. It drives this point home: Everything is connected and lends value to everything else.

Keeping to that same premise, we can build extraordinary connections between the mundane and the mystical.

What do I mean by that?

Another example: When spring unveils her presence with fresh violet crocus jutting up from the earth, it’s akin to an awakening. The color violet corresponds to the crown chakra, which also represents an awareness and blossoming.

By connecting with the awakening violet crocus, our violet crown chakra is awakened. This elicits an internal dawning – a vital crowning as we situate ourselves into a new awareness.

I continue this line of thought with this page on Chakra Color Meanings.

Click here for the permalink for Chakra Color Meanings.

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Directional Assistance, Please
March 28, 2009, 3:03 pm
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I’ve amassed mountains of creative symbolic material that I’m now (finally) funneling into a series of e-books. 

One problem.  I’ve got so much symbolic information to pick from – I’m stupefied as to what direction I should channel the first e-book series.

So, I’m counting on you to tell me what you want to see first:

  • An e-book series on animal symbolism, animal totems and animal meanings, what animal sightings mean, etc.
  • An e-book series on your symbolic personality types: Your personality number meaning, zodiac sign meaning, your corresponding color meaning, your Native American sign meaning, etc.

Lay it on me by voting with this fancy poll:

Thanks for your help! I’ll release the results in a week or so.

Food for Thought
March 26, 2009, 1:11 pm
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Opinions are like Toppings

Opinions are like Toppings

I get a lot of questions.  

Between this blog and my website, the volume of questions is mind-blowing (no chunk-spattering yet, but a brain explosion is surely eminent).

Most questions (I’d say 95%) boil down to one thing:  “What does this mean?”

My answer (although often packaged differently) is the same today as it was the day I went public with my brand of symbolic interpretations five years ago:

“What does it mean to you?”

I figure my job is to offer background information so that you can come to your own conclusions of symbolic meaning…conclusions that best suit your needs, personality, and life-experience.

Consider the pages you read here and on my website  as food for thought.

Better still, my symbolic interpretations are like toppings on the pizza pie of your perception.  They are accessories.  Enhancements.  They can add flavor to your point of view. 

Conversely, if you don’t like what I’m saying, like an anchovy, you can pick the little booger off your pie.

Come to think of it, every other opinion outside your own should be viewed as a pizza topping.  You wouldn’t put stuff on your (literal) pizza pie you wouldn’t want to eat.  Why would you listen to crappy ideas about an oracle in your experience, or the symbolic meaning of an animal totem?

I’m forever driving this point home in my writing: “The best interpretation is your own.”  Everything else is subject to your judgment

Take what you want.  Use the stuff that feeds your soul.  Chuck the stuff that tastes icky to your spiritual palette.  

Happy chowing.

Energetic Circuitry
March 25, 2009, 2:11 pm
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A friend of mine responded to a video post about the symbolism of hands (you can read her comment here), which prompted me to wax philosophically about energetic circuitry.

My friend D~, the author of When Isis Rises and also the master mind behind Sapphokinesis will have the honor of being in the presence of her Spiritual Mother, Amma Sri Karunamayi, this weekend.

D~ has thoughtfully observed Amma, and expressed curiosity in her etiquette concerning giving and receiving with hands.

Specifically, Amma’s preference is for an offering to be extended by the giver from the right hand. If the giver forgets, and offers an object to Amma with the left hand, she will gently, lovingly correct – encouraging the offering to be extended with the right hand.  This, from a woman who doesn’t speak much really.

What does this have to do with the symbolism of hands, or with energetic circuitry for that matter?  Plenty.  And here’s why:



Do you remember this experiment as a kid?  This one really blew me away in spiritual terms.  It opened up my awareness about connections, and how energy flows in a circle (the term circuit is derived from circle).

Awareness of that pattern of energetic flow can open up some superior opportunities to enhance, and even channel energy.

I can’t speak for Amma Sri Karunamayi, but, I’m willing to bet she has an intimate understanding of how energy moves from person to person. 

I’m suspecting she is one with the knowledge that each human is a powerful generator, with currents of energy streaming from each of us like gloriously divine batteries.

In order for the light bulbs to remain bright, the currents to stay fluid, and the connections to be at their keenest – we must move with the natural flow of energy. 

Continuing the analogy of energetic circuitry the connection of human-to-human energy would look like an electrical current with a circular energetic pathway similar to the above-shown illustration.

Being mindful of which hand is used can augment the transmission of energy.  Just by being aware of how the flow of energy works, allows it to behave more powerfully. 

Here are a few symbolic attributes pertaining to hands that might further illustrate what I mean by augmenting the flow/transmission of energy: 

Left Hand Right Hand
Passive Assertive
Justice Mercy
Lunar Solar
Emotion Logic
Receiving Giving
Unconscious Conscious

The simple act (or, more accurately, being aware of the act) of giving with the right hand and receiving with the left has eliminated (what I once viewed as) countless blockages for me. 

I think it has everything to do with allowing the current of energy to flow through its natural courses.

When we dance with the undulating motion of etheric forces, we participate in a grand ball, and we are moving to an energetic concert played by the universe.


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Photo credit: Basic Electric Circuit from Britannica

Hand it Over.
March 24, 2009, 4:56 pm
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This video briefly showcases some thoughts on the symbolic meaning of hands, and invites the viewer to learn more via the links below provided.

More details and insights on the symbolism of hands can be found on my website here.

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